Dan’s trip to France

In November I was lucky enough to be able to go to France for a weekend of 2 UCI races.  The standard was high including the French elite National Champion and many Belgian riders making the trip.  I really enjoyed the course on Saturday, a hard course with a long road climb as well as fast descending,

Diegem CX

Thank you very much Ride for Charlie for supporting me to have the opportunity to travel to Belgium to race cyclocross.
The 1st of my races was in Diegem where there was a crazy atmosphere.

Lotta races Loenhout and Diegem

With the support from RideForCharlie I was able to race Loenhout and Diegem in Belgium. I had amazing time and I loved the racing with so many riders and huge crowds. With so many riders the racing was chaos and there was always someone to race making the racing really enjoyable. Thank you for the support.

Sulli races Baal

I’d always wanted to race at Baal after visiting 3 years ago, at that time there wasn’t an u16 race. The course is super tough, technically great fun but the hills are brutal. I loved racing in the highly charged atmosphere with people banging on the boards and cheering you on to do your best. Taking risks and working hard I was happy with the way I rode.

Greta in Belgium

A massive thank you to rideforCharlie for their support in funding my trip away to Belgium. After a last-minute red light on leonhout I still was able to recce the course and gain experience for next year 2nd year junior and watch the races. My race sadly didn’t go to plan in Baal after a nasty crash causing me to DNF, however despite some mishaps I still learnt so much from my experience away and am very grateful for the help rideforcharlie provided!

Arlo at Loenhout and Baal

“Thank you Ride for Charlie for helping me get away over Christmas to race Loenhout and Baal. Loenhout was a really tough race with no recovery and with a big crash on the start straight, gaps had already appeared and it was really hard to move up. Baal was one of the best courses I’ve every ridden and I really enjoyed it but unfortunately crashed out and couldn’t finish.

John in Belgium

Huge thank you to Ride for Charlie and their support over the Christmas period in Belgium cx racing. It was an amazing experience and the atmosphere was unreal, I managed to enter 2 races, Zolder and Kerniel both of which had amazing courses. I managed to get a result of 57th in Zolder after a not so great start and then was really pleased with a 9th place in Kerniel on a course I didn’t think would suit me.

Tom in Belgium

I had a great block of racing out in Belgium, nothing comes close to racing in front of 20,000 CX fans around the dark streets of Diegem and it still remains my favourite course as well as racing experience.

Libby in Belgium

Racing CX in Belgium is always exciting but racing a CX block in Belgium over the Christmas period is very special! Thank you Ride4Charllie for helping me have this fantastic experience it really is like nothing else. I was able to race Heusden Zolder, Diegem, Loenhout and Baal, The courses were really very different with lots of sand, huge banks and drops and of course mud, mud, and more mud.