Anna takes on the World Cup

After a busy season of National races, I decided it was time to have a go at a World Cup. As my first unsupported race abroad there were plenty of logistics to work out, but I finally made it to Lenzerheide where I met up with Sam Chisholm to share the rest of the trip.
I started the race close to the back of a very stacked women’s field. Despite struggling to find my legs on the first couple of laps, I soon got into my rhythm and manage to pick people off throughout the very fast and technical laps.
After I finished, I only had a few minutes to catch my breath before running to the pits to help Sam out. We finished the afternoon by soaking up the atmosphere at the Elite races, then quickly packed our bikes and headed back to the airport. I can’t thank Ride for Charlie enough for their support in getting me out to this race! Even though it was a short trip, we packed a huge amount into it and came away with a great experience.