Name: Ride for Charlie

Non-profit organisation

Funded by public donations, proceeds from voluntary events and grants.

All members of the organisation are volunteers

Managing board

Directors: Sarah Craig

Nicholas Craig

Trustees: Sue Brooks

Rob Hayles

Treasurer: Richard Paton – AXIS ACCOUNTING

Website address:


Ride for Charlie aims to encourage and facilitate opportunities for young off- road cyclists to pursue racing and adventure in the spirit of Charlie Craig.

Allocation of grant assistance

Assistance allocated to young people is financial.

No equipment is provided, loaned or sold to applicants by Ride for Charlie

No training/coaching is provided by Ride for Charlie – Training/coaching days funded by Ride for Charlie are through a 3rd party provider. All liability on these days is the sole responsibility of the 3rd party provider.

All planning and organisation arrangements, race entry, insurance is the responsibility of the applicant and where the applicant is under 18, the parent/guardian of the applicant.




Application Criteria

No membership is required

All applications will be appraised for eligibility by the Ride for Charlie directors and trustees.

Applicants must be aged 14+

Applicants must apply independently

Applicants must be able to clearly outline how any support given will assist them in progressing/achieving in sport

Applicants must be able to provide evidence of a plan/pathway and produce feedback of progress

Applicants will be supported in pursuits that show aspiration to follow in the footsteps of Charlie.



Ride for Charlie will ask for presentation of receipts/evidence from the applicants to ensure funds are utilised in an appropriate way. Not all receipts will be sought.

All applicants will be asked to provide photographic and documented evidence of their funded activities, upon completion.

Ride for Charlie will use images and narrative provided by applicants on their website and social media platforms. Applicants will be made aware of this, at the time successful funding applications are allocated.

Ride for Charlie will respect the wishes of any applicant who does not consent to having their images and narrative used by Ride for Charlie for publicity purposes.

Ride for Charlie’s data protection privacy policy is available on the website.


Dissolution of the organisation

On the dissolution of the organisation any remaining funds and assets will be:

  1. Allocated to individuals in accordance with the Ride for Charlie application criteria
  2. Donated to a charitable or non-profit organisation with similar aims

A majority of directors and trustees must agree the to dissolve the organisation

A majority of directors and trustees must agree the allocation of any remaining funds and assets.