Ride for Charlie data protection and privacy policies.

Images and narrative shared with Ride for Charlie, by successfully funded applicants, may be used by Ride for Charlie on their website and social media platforms.

The sharing of images and narrative with Ride for Charlie, will be taken as consent for such media to be used by Ride for Charlie for the purpose of P.R.

Should the applicant not give consent for Ride for Charlie to use shared images and narrative. It is the responsibility of the applicant to make this clear to the directors and trustees of Ride for Charlie.

No personal information, data or images will be shared by Ride for Charlie, with 3rd party organisations, without consent being sought form the applicant.

All e-mail correspondence is processed through a dedicated Ride for Charlie e-mail address which can only be accessed by the Directors of the organisation. E-mails from applicants will not be shared with anybody other than members of the Ride for Charlie managing board.

Should it be necessary to forward any email correspondence to a 3rd party. Consent will be sought from the applicant.