Success Stories

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Mea In Belgium for Kerste

With the support of ride for Charlie I was able to race in Belgium over Kerste period. I competed In Exact Cross races in Mol & Loenhout and Super prestige Diegem night race.

Christmas in Belgium for Mack

Huge thank you to Ride for Charlie which allowed me to get over to Belgium this Christmas and race the biggest races in the world.

Imogen races 5 events in 10 days!

A huge thanks to Ride for Charlie for supporting my Christmas cross trip where I had the opportunity to race 5 races over 10 days.

Mak heads to Belgium

Massive thank you to Ride for Charlie for assisting in getting me over to Belgium to race in the Christmas block

Luke at the Special Olympics in Hamburg

I think I've just about recovered from an amazing weekend in Hamburg winning the Special Olympics race. Thank you so much to Ride for Charlie for being amazing supporters and giving me money to help me to race abroad for the first time.

Jody racing in Belgium

I raced in the U17 race at Balegem, Belgium on 17 December. It was a single year age category race. I was gridded at the back and I had to fight my way through the field for the whole race.

Tommy takes on the Boom in Belgium

I had an absolutely wicked time taking part in the Boom cyclocross race in Belgium! The race was fast but definitely had some slo bits which felt like 90% climbs but made for good challenge.

Rideforcharlie supporting Belgium adventures for Ben

With Ride For Charlies help I was able to race Superprestige Neil, Dendermonde Elite World cup and Troyes U23 World Cup this was my first Belgium block of the season and started well with 21st at Neil and a 20th at Troyes. I am very grateful for RFC support.

12th for Alex at Koppenbergcross

Thanks so much to Ride for Charlie for supporting me racing Koppenbergcross. I knew the very muddy course would suit me well and was super excited for the race.

World Cup experience for Rebecca

Massive thank you to rideforcharlie for support in getting me to my first World Cup in Dublin. Wasn’t the best of days, finishing 22nd after numerous crashes on the start and not feeling 100%.

Lewis races at the Dublin World Cup

Massive thank you for the ride for Charlie support to help me race for GB at Dublin World Cup. It was a super tough race against the best riders in the world. I gained loads of experience and confidence and I’m super happy I was able to race this.