Tom in Valencia Spain for Chelva Internacionales

“On the 12th of February we flew out to Valencia Spain for Chelva Internacionales; I spent the week before the race riding and exploring the mountains and Countryside surrounding Valencia. I quickly learnt that European riding and racing is a major step-up when compared to what I am used to. We then travelled to Chelva on Friday the 16th of Feb for the main course practice, where I got to enjoy the best course, I have ever ridden which had features that would be hard to replicate anywhere else. Although I had a mechanical on Raceday I cannot compare the amount that I was able to learn to any experience I have had. The technical challenge afforded me the opportunity to push myself and my abilities to further than I thought was possible. This also gave me the opportunity to be able to ride with athletes that are ranked within the world’s top 10 on the course practice. I cannot thank Ride For Charlie enough for this opportunity and the experience that it has afforded me, it really is amazing what you do!”