Joe takes on the Koppenberg

A big thanks to Ride For Charlie.  I had a great time racing the famous Koppenberg CX.  Although I didn’t get the result I wanted due to a few mechanical issues and crashes, it was a really great experience and I learned lots.

Ben Askey in Belgium

Recently I was able to make the trip to Belgium thanks to the support of rideforcharlie. I raced the super prestige in ruddervoode and the brutal koppenbergcross. I did these races last year as a junior but it was a completely new experience racing as a first year u23.

Seb at Koppenbergcross

Recently I raced Koppenbergcross in Belgium which was such an amazing experience once again after I went to the same event the previous year. The crowds were massive and the racing was a completely different level which helps to push me even further.