This is an update from the youth riders who were out in Graz, Austria at the European Youth MTB Championships from the 14th August to the 18th August 2017 representing RideForCharlie:

The European Championships in Graz was probably the best Youth event of the whole year. We were very proud to be able to compete for RideForCharlie and delighted to win 3rd place overall, very close in points behind Switzerland. This created a lot of interest in RideForCharlie from other competitors from all over Europe.

The last day of racing was really tough; in very high temperatures and a week of racing was beginning to take its toll. Hattie Harden came in 3rd, Charlie Aldridge in 4th and Harry Birchall in 12th overall. Together with the previous few days’ results, this meant Charlie and Hattie won the overall European Championships!

The team are very grateful for the huge effort from the many people that went into, helping us race fast out in Austria! It was very special for us to be wearing Ride for Charlie colors knowing that this was an event that he would have loved to have gone to.
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