I have just got back from racing cross Duathlon at the European Championships for the GB Age Group Team in Târgu Mureş, Romania. 

I had an amazing time and want to thank Rideforcharlie for supporting me. Nick and Sarah give me support and help with lots of things all the time and this means so much to me but the funding from Rideforcharlie made a huge difference to my trip.

I had never raced abroad before and this experience has been better than I could have imagined. I have learnt so much from competing in Europe and was able to use all the things I learnt from Charlie.  Such as training, preparing and racing in bigger competitions. I really miss talking to and sharing things with Charlie but I know he was racing with me in my race in Sovata. I wanted to make Charlie proud and I hope he was. 

I was really pleased with my overall result of 1st U19, 2nd U24 and top 20 overall. But the thing I am most pleased and proud of is knowing I trained and prepared well and raced the best I could on the day for Charlie. 💛💛