Thank you so much for the support from @RideForCharlie – I had an amazing, fun time and really enjoyed the racing.
On the Saturday evening we raced the LRC Cup in Vichte which was floodlit! The course was really good & went through the noisy beer tent (which was where the hurdles were placed) – I was gridded 47th (at the very back) but managed to work my way through the field and finished 6th which I was really happy with.
The next day both Scotty & I were sadly starting to feel ill but we got up early and raced the Vlaamse Cyclocross cup at Moerkerke which again was a really good course – unfortunately as the race went on I began to feel terrible so decided to look after myself and call it a day, but it was a quality-packed race & so I really enjoyed racing with the experienced riders.

Thank you again for everything – my family often think of Charlie and your family, so I was really proud to follow in Charlie’s pedal strokes and wear my @RideForCharlie jersey.