Arlo Rides for Charlie

Thank you so much for this opportunity, it was an amazing experience that was so fun and I am so so grateful for you helping me to have this weekend!

Thomas Wadsworth Rides for Charlie in Belgium

I just wanted to say a massive thanks for the opportunity in Belgium. It was soooo fun and i enjoyed every second of it off and on the bike. I was and am so proud to of ridden for Charlie. Thankyou again! Thomas

Cyclo Cross Coaching Day

Last weekend was a busy one. #Rideforcharlie and @hopetech supported a coaching day for 34 young cyclo cross boys and girls.

European Youth Championships 2019

In august 2019 we were able to send 3 teams funded to the European Youth MTB Championships in Pila.

European youth MTB Championships

This year we are proud to announce that we are supporting three teams to go to Pila for the European youth MTB Championships.

One Team of Corran Carrick-Anderson, Elena McGorum and Callum Thornley, Emily Carrick-Anderson, Patrick Barnes, Reuben Oakley, Ben Chilton Chris Hilbert and Lotta Mansfield.

Joe races cross Duathlon at European Championships

I have just got back from racing cross Duathlon at the European Championships for the GB Age Group Team in Târgu Mureş, Romania. 

Report from Corran Carrick-Anderson

I went to the Alps, thanks to the support from Ride for Charlie, to get some experience racing against a European field.

I was racing in two races whilst away, in the youth category – an Italian International Series race and a Swiss Bike Cup. In between these, I had the opportunity to train with the Junior GB and Scottish Cycling teams in Pila, which was great as I got a glimpse of what it would be like to be part of the Junior Programme. Whilst I was there I was also able to practice the course for the European Youth Mountain Bike Championships which take place in August, as well as get some good training in.

In the races, I had a challenge from the start as I was always gridded at the back due to having no series points. I managed to move up quickly in the Italian race and broke away with one other boy on the first lap. We stayed together for almost 3 laps but I started struggling partially due to the heat and altitude, and dropped back. I was overtaken by one other boy on the last lap and finished in 3rd, a result I was really happy with and started my week off well.

I had a good start to the Swiss Cup, moving up from 86th to top 15 in the first part of the lap, but unfortunately crashed and seemed to lose my rhythm and energy and struggled from there on. I learnt a lot from this race especially though, and this should really help me for when I go back to Pila for the European Championships. I know to try not to give too much at the start and be unable to recover.

None of this experience would have been possible without the help from Ride For Charlie and hopefully I can learn so much from this in memory of Charlie.

Corran Carrick-Anderson
#RideForCharlie #VanDerCraig

Cameron Steps Up

This last CX season I have made a real step up in my racing by completing the majority of my races in Belgium and the Netherlands.

Katie Scott in Belgium

Thanks to the RideForCharlie fund, I was able to go to Belgium over the Christmas period to ride 4 races in 5 days. The races being: Zolder World Cup, Loenhout, Bredene and Diegem Superprestige.

Tom & Millie in Belgium

At the end of December, we went out to race cross in Belgium for the first time to experience what true cyclocross racing is like, racing Brico cross Bredene and Superprestigie Diegem thanks to the help of the @rideforcharlie foundation.