The European Youth MTB Championships 2018 Part 2

First event was the time trial which was a fast, short course. Anna did a brilliant ride to get 6th in the U17 girls. Then was Rory and who had one small error but ended up in 51st. Jamie had another good ride coming away with 25th.

Then the next event was the team relay which was another great race. It was just one lap each of the XC course. Rory lead off first stating in the second row and came back after his leg in 4th. Then was jamie who had a great start to the lap and got into 2nd. Unfortunately he punctured but still managed to come in 5th. Lastly was Anna who was against a lot of boys in the last leg. She managed to come in, in 8th place.

Lastly was the xc race. Jamie was starting 4th row in the U17 boys and Rory was in the 8th row out of over 20 rows. Jamie had an awesome start and came back after one lap in the top ten. Rory had got caught in all the carnage in the first lap but still came in after one lap in the top 30. Unfortunately Jamie got a punture near the end of the race and finished 63rd. Rory had some mechanical troubles too. With a chain off the chain gard from a crash and a snapped mech near the start of the last lap. He finished in 109th.
Anna had an Amazing ride. She had a front row grid and came in after one lap in the top 5. She had burp in her tyre during the race but still managed to get 10th.

What an amazing time we had out there in Italy. We can’t thank you enough for that. Not our greatest results for some but we still rode in the Charlie spirit and gave it our all.


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