The European Youth MTB Championships 2018 Part 3

Our team RFC-velocita would like to thank Ride for Charlie for providing us with the opportunity to race the youth European mtb champs.
Firstly our team had a great time and we all enjoyed the racing, we arrived early to try to acclimatise to the altitude which was 1800m.We did this to try to get used to the drop in oxygen so when we raced it wouldn’t feel as severe. On the Monday we rode up to the top as a team and then did a few laps of course practise to get used to what it was like and practised the A lines a lot. We then rode back down some of the hill to our house that we were renting, then had lunch and went into Aosta in the afternoon.

On Tuesday we went up to the course again and practiced the tt course and also did some efforts on it so we knew what the course was like at race pace and how fast we could take the corners and technical sections. This prepared us well for the tt the next day. We then spent the rest of the day up there with the rest of the RFC teams and had lunch up there as well.

Wednesday was the first day of racing where there was the tt. Josie was 5th I was 66th and iwan was 117th, however there was only three seconds separating 30th and 70th and as a team we were placed 22nd out of 87. We rode up there 2 hours before our race and then did a roller warm up closer to the time to make sure we were ready because the tt was only just over two minutes. The next day of racing was the team relay and this was three laps of the course and the rider did one each, there was a crash on the start straight and we were making up places from there. Friday was a rest day so a spin down in the valley because that’s the only flat place around.

Saturday was the day of the xc race iwan, josie and I arrived at the top of the mountain 2 hours before the race to get ready. We arrived on the start line ready to race. The gun went and because of your gridding positions we were stuck in a huge bottle neck at the first technical section so for the rest of the rest we were trying to make up time. On the other hand Josie was gridded at the front and was with the front group for the first lap and then started to tire and finished 15th, an awesome ride!

We would all like to thank ride for Charlie for this opportunity it wouldn’t have been possible without you, the racing was a great experience and we hope we all rode with Charlie’s spirit.

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