Success Stories

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Kieren Races Kerniel CX

Thank you RideforCharlie for the experience and the trip over to Belgium. Unfortunately I was unable to get an entry in Zolder and Diegem but I was able to race in the Kerniel CX race coming away with 16th after a few mistakes on my part, but learned a lot. It was amazing experiencing the different chaotic Belgian atmosphere and I can’t wait to go back over again. Huge thanks to RideforCharlie again for the support.

Jenson in Belgium

Thank you to Ride for Charlie in helping me get over to Belgium over Christmas. The support is really appreciated. Unfortunately I struggled with illness while I was there, and only raced 2 races, however it was an amazing experience and I’m looking forward to going back next year

Hannah in Belgium

Massive thank you to Ride for Charlie for the support in racing in Belgium. I raced Zolder, Loenhout and Baal which were all very different courses and I learnt so much from the experience. For the first two I was racing in the elite women’s race in the biggest field of riders I have ever raced in which was a big learning curve but I really enjoyed it.

Oscar does a Belgium Triple

Thank you to RideForCharlie for helping me get over to Belgium to race over the Christmas period. Managed to get 3 races in Zolder, Diegem and Loenhout. Zolder and Diegem went smoothly with no issues. Loenhout was a different story being brought down in a crash on the start leaving me chasing all race.

Joe takes on Diegem and Loenhout

Massive thank you to ride for charlie for helping fund my trip to Belgium💛 I raced Diegem and Loenhout, both of which I was gridded at the back so I had no idea how I’d do. I was happy with how I managed to move up and loved racing in front of such big crowds and learnt a lot too! My trip wouldn’t have been possible without the support from ride for charlie, thank you

Becca races Kerniel & Baal

Huge thank you to RideforCharlie for funding my first 2 races on the continent. After a last-minute red light on louenhout, I was lucky enough to get an entry for kerniel. The course was slick which resulted in close racing and I came away with 8th overall elite women.

Dublin elite world cup for Cat

A massive thank you to RideforCharlie for their support in funding to help me get over to Ireland to race my first elite world cup in Dublin.  Not the best race for me with mechanicals placing me 18th, but was an amazing experience and took a lot away from the race. Thanks again the work you do for this sport to help young riders is really appreciated.

Rory Mcguire in Belgium

Another really good trip out to Belgium. I did 4 races on some really good courses. Unfortunately I had some problems with my hips so I had to come back bit early but still a solid few races. Thanks so much to ride for Charlie for helping me get out to Belgium again and being so supportive!

European Tour for Ben

I spent 11 days abroad and raced 4 times including the European championships, Koppenberg, Ruddervoorde and Massmechelen World Cup. This block was cut short due to injury leaving me with no notable results. I am grateful to Ride For Charlie for supporting me on my journey. Lessons learnt, friends made.

Joe takes on the Koppenberg

A big thanks to Ride For Charlie.  I had a great time racing the famous Koppenberg CX.  Although I didn’t get the result I wanted due to a few mechanical issues and crashes, it was a really great experience and I learned lots.

Ben Askey in Belgium

Recently I was able to make the trip to Belgium thanks to the support of rideforcharlie. I raced the super prestige in ruddervoode and the brutal koppenbergcross. I did these races last year as a junior but it was a completely new experience racing as a first year u23.

Seb at Koppenbergcross

Recently I raced Koppenbergcross in Belgium which was such an amazing experience once again after I went to the same event the previous year. The crowds were massive and the racing was a completely different level which helps to push me even further.