Max in Houffalize at the Three Nations Cup

Thank you to ride for Charlie for the support which allowed me to go to the round of the 3 nations cup in Houffalize, Belgium which was also my first race outside of the UK.

Aelwen in Houffalize at the Three Nations Cup

Last weekend I travelled to Houffalize in Belgium to compete in the Three Nations Cup. This was my first MTB-XC race away from the UK, so I was pretty exited to have the opportunity.

Alex at the 3 Nations Cup in Houffalize

Thank you to Ride for Charlie for supporting my latest trip to the 3Nations Cup in Houffalize, Belgium. We were met with a very technical and steep course that was covered in roots and rocks.

Phoebe at the 3 nations cup in Houfallize

Thanks to ride for Charlie, I was able to race at the 3 nations cup in Houfallize, which was a great experience and one of the most technical courses I’ve raced on.

Anna takes on the World Cup

After a busy season of National races, I decided it was time to have a go at a World Cup. As my first unsupported race abroad there were plenty of logistics to work out, but I finally made it to Lenzerheide where I met up with Sam Chisholm to share the rest of the trip.

Ella at MTB World Cup in Leogang

Recently I travelled to the MTB World Cup in Leogang, Austria. The trip started with a bit of drama when our flights were cancelled the day before my first race and we ended up driving 16 hours to get there but this all added to the adventure!

Sam at La Thuile HC and Lenzerheide world cup

I had an amazing trip to Europe racing La Thuile HC and Lenzerheide world cup, what an experience with so many adventures on the way and so grateful for the support of Ride for Charlie making it possible.

Kacey at the Junior World Series

A huge thank you to Ride for Charlie for supporting me at my first Junior World Series out in Italy. It was an amazing experience to race against some of the best girls around and on such a technical course.

Tom in Valencia Spain for Chelva Internacionales

On the 12th of February we flew out to Valencia Spain for Chelva Internacionales; I spent the week before the race riding and exploring the mountains and Countryside surrounding Valencia.

Daphne at UCI mountain bike marathon & World Cup

Big thankyou to Ride for Charlie helping to support at me at my first UCI mountain bike marathon and World Cup in Germany and Italy. It was the most incredible experience to line up against some of the worlds best.